Laminated Cotton Fabric

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About Me

About me

Wife of 30+ years, Daughter, Mother, Grandmother

Sewing for 55+ years

My other ♥s

yoga, being outside, getting away to my "special place" in the woods.

Love spring and summer - not a fan of winter

I eat Paleo but ...

My favorite "cheater" food is red licorice

I can "put down" a large bag in nothing flat!



Hi - I'm Deborah - I ♥ learning something new everyday.  

I also LOVE my USPS driver - her name is Dare, and I have her cell phone number .. just saying.

Thanks for your support in my little laminated cotton fabric on-line store

How did I get here

After sewing children's raincoats for my first etsy store

I found sourcing nice quality

 laminated cotton fabric nearly impossible.

... and I had to do something about it.

 ... so I ...

bought a trailer

and had it "tricked out" to stow the fabric 

(with every intention of traveling to

fairs to sell my raincoats)

Well, I'm a "fabriholic" 

and the trailer became too small within just a 

few months ... Need I say more?