Laminated Cotton Fabric

300+ laminated cotton fabric prints in stock

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300+ laminated cotton fabric prints in stock

Regular Width (about 40" wide)

Perfect for sewing and small table cloths

Wide Width Selection (about 55")

These are perfect for tablecloths, picnic blankets!

Remnants - Always on Sale

Look often - changes daily

Food Safe Laminated Fabric

Looking for laminated cotton fabric that is food safe?  I've got it! and I have food safe lining fabric too

Make your own

Can't find what you're looking for?

You can make your own!

Patterns & Notions too

Want to make a raincoat, bib or bag? I've got some great patterns for you.

Laminated cotton fabric raincoat

What is laminated fabric?

If you remember the old fashioned oilcloth fabric - this ISN'T it.  Instead think of high quality cotton fabric with a thin waterproof layer professionally applied. My laminated fabric is soft, pliable, washable and wipeable - so pliable it can be gathered! Perfect for raincoats, bibs, splat mats, placemats, tablecloths, wet bags, trash bags, and snack bags. All my laminated cotton fabric prints are CPSIA approved (ask for certification if you sell children's products) Many people still search using the term "oilcloth" so I include it as a searchable term - but true oilcloth is a petroleum product and not safe for use in products for children.

How do you sew laminated fabric? Are there special tips or techniques?

Yes - there are some great ways to make sewing on laminated fabric easier.  You can view the techniques I use on my tab "sewing tips" and you can find what other's have to say on my pinterest board here or view the "pinterest" tab.  Please also visit my "video" page to see some laminates in use.

How do I find out when you have new prints available?

Please "subscribe" to my email list.  I also post on my facebook page here.

Where can I view projects using laminated fabric to get ideas?

View the gallery tab to see some projects using my laminated cotton fabric.  You can also view more on my pinterest page and my facebook page.  I'll also be adding to the video tab.

What's the difference between oilcloth and laminated cotton fabric?

The main difference for me is that oilcloth is NOT CPSIA compliant because it has toxins not allowed in children's products.  I don't know about you, but I don't want it around me either. I'm also concerned about imported laminated that has not been tested for CPSIA compliance.   Please ASK for written certification if you are selling children's products (required in the USA).

Have more questions?

Please see the FAQ in my etsy store here or contact me.

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